About the author

Michael is the founder of MK Insights, LLC and has 17+ years of experience as a consultant, assessment specialist, business coach, and facilitator. Dr. Klein has worked in industries including manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, construction, financial services, education, pharmaceuticals, real estate, entertainment, and many others. His work has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and various industry and professional publications. Dr. Klein holds a doctoral degree in psychology from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University. He is a full member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  • “I found Michael Klein’s methodology and knowledge to be far superior to anyone I’ve encountered within the psychological arena of performance and human behavior, and how it relates to business.” Eric Shanaberger - Integrated Wealth Management Inc. - Cleveland, OH
  • “In addition to working with Michael one-on-one for several years,  I have seen Michael present engaging, thought provoking content several industry meetings.  Each and every one of these experiences has been exceptional, and they have elevated my performance in truly meaningful ways. ” Thomas H. Waring Jr. - Waring Financial Group - Hamburg, NY
  • "Michael possesses a remarkable and genuine interest in helping his clients find their path. With great empathy, he asks the right questions that lead to clarity... whether it's one-on-one, or for an audience of hundreds." Diana Ruddick - Retired Vice President, MassMutual Financial Group - Springfield, MA
  • “The work I’ve done with Michael involved an in-depth look at who I am…my personality strengths, my interpersonal style, what I truly value. His process did several important things for me and for my business – most importantly, we made sure that I was focused on those things I did well that brought me satisfaction, and we worked to eliminate those that were clearly not for me, and would never be. I wish I had gone through this earlier.” Thomas J. Henske, Partner - Lenox Advisors - New York, NY
  • "Michael Klein's thoughtful style enhances his exceptional ability to lead individuals to new insights and self-awareness. This has resulted in useful, relevant, and applicable feedback that has assisted our executives in working more efficiently and effectively in multiple aspects of their role, including professional development, relationship building, and many, many others." Piper Sheer - Senior Vice President, Human Resources - IDG Communications - Framingham, MA
  • “Michael Klein provided an exceptional development experience for our first-year MBA students. We relied on him extensively for guidance in developing our program as well as for his exceedingly sensitive, yet practical work with our students as they plan internships, summer employment, and post-graduate work.” Alan Robinson - Associate Dean, Isenberg School of Management - University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA
  • "Michael is a very charismatic and personable presenter, extremely well attuned to his audience." Emilene Rodley - HR Director, Paragus IT - Hadley, MA
  • “Michael has that rare combination of technical and people skills which allow him to guide strong willed individuals onto the paths they wish to travel but from which they frequently stray.” Thomas E. Murphy - TEMAA Financial - Dallas, TX
  • "Michael is just the right mix of humor, coaching, and sound advice. He more than exceeded our expectations and I am looking forward to having him speak at many more events.” Laura Herring - Realtor ® Association of Pioneer Valley - Springfield, MA